The Whissile Project

Rocketry project website, designed & built.

The Whissile is a project to build a 'whisky-powered rocket' I have been involved with. The website's purpose is to promote the project and track its progress.


University of Warwick Archery Club

University of Warwick Archery Club website, designed & built.

The website primarily functions to provide information about the club in clear & appealing way, and as a method of accessing the extensive records of the club such as as up-to-date handicaps & event dates, and archives of scores.

It was also important that members of the exec could edit all content and post news to the front page themselves.


Mitch Callow

Musician portfolio website, designed & built to client specifications.

Although a relatively simple portfolio site, purposed to showcase the music and provide contact details, this project was made more challenging by the requirement of a randomly chosen video background.

Mitch has made some great music - have a listen!



Guitar tuition website, designed & built to client specifications.

The client specified a clean, minimal look, punctuated by a colourful heading (featuring their own images) selected at random on each visit. The ability to edit the content themselves was a further requirement.


Studio Lack

Family studio website.


Reading University Meteorology Soceity

Website for the Reading University Meteorology Society.


Adam Lack Photography

Personal website, showcasing photography and design work.


Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning

Joint development of a user-editable online version of the Memory Game.

Funded by the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL) at the University of Warwick.

I was responsible for design decisions and coding, primarily for the back-end editing section, as well as assisting in running user-testing sessions and workshops.

Project Website


I've long had a keen interest in designing and building websites - in particular I love the satisfaction of seeing a great visual design come to life. I'm enthusiastic about making websites look fantastic as well as perform efficiently, and the visual identity and concepts behind any project form an important part of my development process.


I can offer the skills to cover any or all parts of creating a website: from the initial consultation and designs to coding & programming the site and setting it up live on the internet. I can take care of the whole process for you, and I'm also happy to work with other people on specific areas of a site.


Even once your website is polished off and launched, it's not the end of the road. Integral to every project is my assistance after a launch to make sure the website continues working correctly. I'll also always be available in the future for further advice and help tweaking and expanding your website should you want to.

What I use

For those who are interested, I like to use HTML, CSS (usually SASS), PHP, MySQL & JavaScript/JQuery in the design and development process. Of course, I'm always open to ideas and experimenting with whatever might get the job done!


To ensure the quality of any project, building a good client relationship is important. I'm always open to ideas and feedback throughout a project, and will provide my own take on things too. It's a two-way thing, so if you want to chat just drop me an email for free consultation on your website plans!

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